Regional White Wines

Azulejo 2012 9% This blend of Fernão Pires-Arinto-Muscat is Leve – means light-low alcohol – is a traditional local style intentionally light and crisp with neutral aromas, and a spritzy character. The style carries it 15-20gms of residual sugar well. Tasted 6.2013

Lab 2012 12.5% Fernão Pires-Arinto-Muscat-Arinto-Muscat blend makes for a fruity, easy, light wine. Tasted 6.2013

Palhas Canas 2012 Fernão Pires/Arinto/Viognier/Chardonnay  Leads with fruity floral notes, some viscosity and a fine body. A nice clean light wine. Tasted 6.2013

Casa Santos Lima Bons Ventos 2009  Arinto, Ferno Pires, Vital, Rabo de Ovelha and Chardonnay Some spice from fruit mix, no oa purity, rounded textures and mineral finish. Nicely balanced clean, crisp, relativley fruity wine. 10.2010

Quinta Das SetenCostas 2009 DOC Alenquer 13%  Ferno Pires, Arinto,  Chardonnay, Vital, Rabo de Ovelha blend. Earthy savory, mineral nose, dense texture, good concentration and very mineral finish. 10.2010

Casa Santos Lima Arinto 2009 13% lovely fresh spicy aromas with some fruit, full bodied, plush textures with mineral finish. Clean crisp competent winemaking. 10.2010

Casa Santa Lima Fernao Pires 2012 Offers up spicy aromas with Muscat-like hints on nose. Fine, clean and rounded textures in mouth with light acidity. Tasted 6.2013

Casa Santos Lima Fernao Pires 2009 13% flan nose, but rounded fruity palate with gentler acidity than arinto.

Casa Santa Lima Viosinho 2012 very intriguing mix of spice and florals, med bodied with crisp, fresh acidity. Tasted 6.2013

Casa Santa Lima Moscatel 2012 big spicy Muscat grapy nose, full bodied, mineral flavors but nice, dry crisp supporting acidity.

Casa Santos Lima Moscatel 2009 12% lovely spicy muscat aromas, lovely sweet grapey flavors with bone dry finish, crisp clean. Quite good wine. 10.2010

Casa Santa Lima Chardonnay 2012 13% light crisp clean. Tasted 6.2013

Casa Santa Lima viognier 2012 13% Displays light floral Viognier notes, rounded, cool in the mouth with good crisp acidity. Tasted 6.2013

Casa santos Lima Viognier 2009 lacks high end floras, a bit green and acidic. 10.2010

Casa Santa Lima Sauvignon Blanc 2012 13.5% Nose shows light, crisp herbal aromas, with clean light finish. Tasted 6.2013

Casa Santos Lima Sauvgnon Blanc 2009 smoky tinned pea, rounded, dull fruit, lowish acidity, 10.2010

Casa Santa Lima Arinto/Chardonnay 2012 good minerality, fullish texture with firm acidity. The blend is better than straight chardonnay, with Arintos acidity and minerality poking through to add definition. Tasted 6.2013


Lab 2012 Rose pronounced strawberry-watermellon, sappy acidity. made from Castelao, CS, Camarate. Tasted 6.2013

Red wines

Lab 2012 blackfriut aromas and flavors with clean acidity. Blends Cabernet, Castelao, Camarate, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Syrah. 

Bons Ventos 2011 This blend of Castelao, Camarate, Tinta Miuda Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Syrah brims with spicy, blackfruit aromas and flavors from beginning to end. Great value wine

Bons Vents 2009  13% regional lisboa Blend of Castelao, Camarate, Tinta Miuda Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz from warm year. Savoury fruity mix, polished texture with dusty tannins in support. Nicely fruited, well made easy drinking with very good mix of fresh black fruits. Spent 4 months in Portuguese oak. 10.2010

Quita Seten Costas 2009 Alenquer doc  A complex blend of Preta Martino, Castelao, Camarate, Tinta Miuda delivers a well integrated nose, interesting mix of red and black fruit characters and clean pure flavors. On all counts this is great little, well structured glugger defined by its fresh, sappy fruits firing on all cylinders straight through the finish.  

Quinta das Seten Costas 2008 DOC Alenquer 13  A complex blend of Preta Martino, Castelao, Camarate, Tinta Miuda from cooler vintage. Spent 4 months in Portuguese oak. Mix of spicy aromas and  clean fresh fruit on nose.  Great red fruit concentration and juicy acidy in the mouth. 10.2010

Quinta do Espirito 2010  15%  Tinta Roriz, Castelao offers up nice mix of black and red fruits, polished textures with firm tannins and acidity.  A bit like an Alentejo, but with firmer, natural acidity.

Gran Paasio 2012 14% A big fruity alcoholic style with sappy acidity and 6grms of residual sugar.  Made for Norway’s market, this one’s a bit too sugary for me.

Cigarra Shiraz-Tinta Barocca 2011  A fruit forward style, with black fruit aromas and soft sappy red fruit flavors on finish.  Nice acidity to balance sugar driven Swedish market.

Quinta do Espirito Reserve 2008 15% This blend of Tinta Roriz, Castelao, Syrah and Touriga Nacional offers a mix of red fruit and chocolate notes with dried herb high tones. In the mouth it mixes black and red fruit characters  with firm tannins and acidity. It delivers good length, with alcohol fleshing out a medium weight body that’s smartly balanced by structure

Palha Canas 2009 This good value blend of Tinta Roriz, Castelao, Touriga Nacional, Tourica Franca and Camarate offers spicy cedary and sweet fruit on first hit, then firm, nicely rustic tannins and acidity follow. Good length of flavor for price

Palha Canas Reserva 2009 13.5%  This blend of Tinta Roriz, Castelao, Touriga Nacional, Tourica Franca and Camarate is glossed in  cedary oak notes. Harvested later than the straight Palha Cans showing riper fruit and sappy red fruits on finish. A very clean, fine, firm style. Nice wine for price.

Palha Canas Reserva 2006 13% This blend of Tinta Roriz, Castelao, Touriga Nacional, Tourica Franca and Camarate spends 7-8 months in oak. Funky reductive notes, savoury fuits and smooth polished texture. With firm acidity and tannins for long term cellaring. 10.2010

Casa Santos Lima Touriz 2008 13.5% This blend of Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional and Tourica Franca is Santos Lima’s answer to Barca Velha. An interesting meaty depth shades black and red fruit aromas. Smoothly polished with a juicy, red fruit depth in the mouth, carries textures onward through a very fine, polished finish. Overall a clever modern style that’s clean, not heavy, smooth, but with great structural support

Casa Santos Lima Alfrocheiro 2005 Estramdura 13% funky reductive nose, lovely juicy, spicy, floral finish. Light quaffer. 10.2010

Casa Santos Lima Castelao 2007 Displays complex spicy aromas, mature red fruit characters and juicy acidity throughout finish. A big wine with classic varietal characters. Tasted 6.2013

Casa Santos Lima Castelao estramadura 2007 13.5% Black fruit aromas, a big fruity nose and flavors: berry, raspberry fruits with chunky acidity and tannins. 10.2010

Casa Santos Lima Preto martinho 2007 Subdued blackfruit aromas, highly polished smooth textures, well fruited, fine tannins. 10.2010

Casa Santos Lima Camarate 2008 Leads with smoky, savory, tobacco aromatic notes, carrying on in mouth with juicy red fruit flavors, fine tannins and firm acidity. Good length. Tasted 6.2013

Casa Santos Lima Camarate 2008 13.5% Youthful, spicy blueberry aromas, light bodied with firm tannin/acid finish. tasted 10.2010

Casa Santos Lima Tinto Cao 2007 Subtle, slightly herbal aromas lead on to something bigger in mouth. Dark fruit flavors and fleshy textures kept in check by medium weight tannins. Tasted 6.2013

Casa Santos Lima Tinto Cao 2007 Estremadura Fruity, black fruit characters, lovely soft polished textures, tannins buried in fleshy fruit. 10.2010

Casa Santos Lima Trincadeira 2008 13% Lovely florals, succulent fruit, soft round textures. Gentle elegant wine. 10.2010

Casa Santos Lima Tinta Roriz 2007 13% fruity, herbal notes, soft easy with tannins. a bit hollow. 10.2010

Casa Santos Lima Sousao 2008  (same grape as Vinao, in VV, good for color) Opaque, similarly to malbec, with chunky black fruit aromas, rounded and fruity with dusty tannins. Very Malbec like 10.2010

Casa Santos Lima Pinot Noir 2007 14.5% herbal, stringy, hollow non-varietal. 10.2010

Quinta do Espirito Santo Reserva 2007 15% 25% mix of Roriz, Castelao, Syrah and TN. Aged 9 months in Portuguese, French and American oak. Last grapes to be picked from these four varieties. Consciously trying to be a dry port style, very late harvest. Very complete nose, with ripe dried bf aromas, smooth, ultra slick alcohol laden bodie,  with vanilla finish. Excellent value. For what it is can compete easily with Douro or Alentejo in terms of ripeness and complexity. Wine has better freshness and acidity comparatively. Wine accentulates acidity balancing late harvest sugar. 10.2010

Casa Santos Lima Tinta Barocca 2005 Interesting wine with exotic floral-fruit notes. Soft and round in the mouth with lowish acidity. A big, fat, fruity style of wine. Tasted 6.2013

Casa Santos Lima Touriga Nacional 2009 13.5% Super Touriga varietal characters show through lovely violet breadth on nose. Carries on with soft fleshy textures counterpointed with powdery mid-mouth tannins. Great aromatics. Tasted 6.2013

Casa Santos Lima Toriga Nacional 2008 Smoky rounded, fruity, fine bodied and balanced finish with fine tannins. Light quaffing style of Touriga. 10.2010

Casa Santos Lima Touriga Franca 2009 13.5% Intriguing meaty, smoky, savoury aromas suddenly shift gears, becoming very fresh and fruity in mouth. Tasted 6.2013

Casa santos Lima Touriga Franca 2008 13% Green herbal notes, hollow, astringent tannins. Not so successful in this cool vintage. 10.2010

Casa Santos Lima Syrah 2009 Recognizably Syrah varietal characters play through a floral, fruity style with soft textures and refreshing acidity. A good example of ‘cool climate’ Syrah style. Tasted 6.2013

Preta Martino 1997 This naturally high acidity grape shows its true colors with extended bottle age. Nicely matured at this point, 1997 displays translucent, savory, red fruit ‘tertiary’ aromas and flavors. The wine has a linearity reminiscent of mature Pinot Noir, and a degree of elegance bolstered with fine tannins and firm acidity.  Tasted 6.2013