Ladeira da Santa


Ladeira da Santa is driven by owner, Arlindo Cunha, the dynamic president of Dao's CVR (Wine Board) with help from João Paulo Gouveia, of Vines and Wines fame, who advises on viticultural and winemaking duties. Arlindo's young son, João is gradually taking over the winemaking reins full time. The winery is relatively new and kitted out with a stainless steel lagar, cooling tubes and mechanized grates to keep grape skins saturated over night. Photovoltaic solar panels tower above the vines help power the winery. Where the winery is new, the vineyards stick with the tried and true mix of Dao's oldest grapes, Touriga Nacional and Alfrocheiro.

Located in the South West, where Dao opens out to coastal influences, diurnal temperature shift there during September's harvest time are amongst the greatest in Portugal. With temperatures reaching 35º C during the  day then 8º at night, this 20+ degree shift preserves natural acidity and slows ripening. As a result, whites are relatively fresher and lighter, therefore easily dominated by new oak barriques. Taking this into consideration Ladeira's wines opt for a higher mix of neutral old oak, rather than new barrels.

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Ladeira da Santa 2004 14% This is from a very hot harvest with roasted fruit characters common to that vintage. These are nicely underpinned with firm acidity. Tasted 10.2011

Ladeira da Santa Colheita 2010 13%   35/alfrocheiro/35 roriz/30TN M Lagar made and aged in a mix of barrique and stainless steel tanks with suspended oak staves.  Driven up front by spicy mix of violet and black fruit aromas and flavors, this clean, fresh wine displays soft textures and firm tannins. Overall it is a very bright, fresh fruit-driven style. Tasted 10.2011

Ladeira da Santa Reserva 2008 13% This lagar made blend of TN 70% alfrocheiro 30 spends 12 months in neutral old oak barrels, 4 years or older. It is beautifully integrated now, showing lovely black fruit aromas, tons of juicy black fruit flavors, great concentration and a mix of berry and vanilla fruits on finish. It is a very attractive, highly polished wine, presenting a convincing mix of modern and traditional style. The alfrocheiro does great job of throttling back Touriga’s exuberant aromas and tannins. Tasted 10.2011Xxxx

Ladeira da Santa Reserva 2009 13% Equal blends of  TN 50% Alfrocheiro 50 spend 12 months in new barrique. The results are savory aromas and tart red fruit flavors. The 2009 is more linear, freshly style than the 08 Reserva. Tasted 10.2011

Ladeira da Santa Rosado 2010 13% This rose is produced from the free run of unpressed fruit. It offers fresh herb and red fruit aromas and tart red fruit flavors. Crisp, light and straightforward it is easy drinking rose. Tasted 10.2011