Dao Sul

Santar - Nelas – Viseu

40º 34´20.49" N

07º 53´29.88" W

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Dao Sul is the Dao branch of the massive Global Wines conglomerate, which produces wine in other Portuguese regions and Brazil.  Paralleling Sogrape, Santar’s wines are found in most restaurants and retailers. They produce a well made commercial range under the Cabriz label that draws fruit from 200 hectares all over Dao, a middle tier Casa Santar drawn from the estate’s surrounding 100 hectares, and a range of iconic Santar reserves drawn from the estate’s best vineyards.

This visionary company has done an excellent job of restoring the estate’s 17th Century manor and outlying buildings, making a concerted effort to elevate wine tourism and fine dining within the region to the highest international standards. While both winemaking and wine production are ultra-modern and internationally influenced, nevertheless, the wines maintain a fidelity to Dao’s terroir and style.